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If you’re looking to make extra money there are ways out there, but it’s hit or miss

July 5, 2022

If you’re looking to make extra money there are ways out there, but it’s hit or miss

It’s ideal if there is a generous return policy so if they don’t work, you can get a full refund. I learned that from experience after signing up for the Ultimate Wealth Package and discovering the entire program was to get other people to sign up for the same program. I didn’t know you could get a refund until well after the stated return period, but Clickbank still gave me one, no questions asked.


Hey, great article but I have been looking for info on this new program ever since I found it… then I found you. Well, the greed gave in for me and I invested $5 of e-gold. Guess what? 48 minutes later I got $10! I did it again with $50, then I got $100… etc, etc. All in all, in one days time, I made $135 but then I stopped for a while to try and figure out how this is even possible. I e-mailed dblcash and asked them various questions and I got sensible answers back as to what it is about and how it is possible. It all has to do with investing. I have been in investment programs for a while now and I have never seen anything like this, plus their website is crappy and they do not disclose any information on who they are. Not to mention that their domain on whois has no information either. So, I e-mailed e-gold to see how this type of investment could even be possible. They e-mailed me within 1 day and told me that the activity that dblcash is doing cannot be possible and that they strongly advise me not to spend money to him. If you check the dblcash site often, their e-gold account number changes because curious people like me contact e-gold and tell them about dblcash and then e-gold closes their account. They simply open a new one. Well, I e-mailed them back and forth a few times to tell them that I have indeed gotten paid within the hour each time via paypal and the money was doubled. They stated that Paypal will end up reversing the funds because they are fraudulent. I asked them to give more detail but they stated that they could not without a court subpoena. Lol. So, I’m sitting here with an extra $135 in my PayPal account, payday loans with no credit check in Dunlap TN afraid to spend it because I don’t want them taking it back and then it cutting into my personal funds. And, I am also eager to invest money into dblcash again!… But that is my story. Yes, dblcash does pay… are they a scam? I don’t know but I will keep you informed.

Chad: Thank you for sharing your experience with dblcash. I’m still baffled as to what the scam is, and how they can double your money every hour. Like you (and e-gold) said, it’s very fishy, but hey, if you made $135, good for you. Please keep us updated.

I have also found the site Double… and it’s so good to be true… I have tried to invest 1.17$, and after an hour, I have really received 2.34$ into my paypal..In 1 HOUR! It’s so freaks. I don’t have anymore money in my Egold, if not I will invest like 5$ and another 5$.. I won’t invest a lot, cuz they can run away..How could we know?

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Try it, just invest like 1-5$ (that’s nothing) and you will get the double in ONE hour. I’m not kidding. I’m not a part of that organisation, so don’t worry.. I’m not doing ad for them, I’m like everybody here, someone that want to invest to make money, but don’t risk that much to make money, so just try with a little money, you will get back your money…

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