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Into the episode that is first Shreveports C. Bickham Dickson Park shut on / off when it comes to better element of five years is touted as being a place to welcome nature enthusiasts and fishermen.

July 31, 2021

Into the episode that is first Shreveports C. Bickham Dickson Park shut on / off when it comes to better element of five years is touted as being a place to welcome nature enthusiasts and fishermen.

Nevertheless, the park requires a major makeover.

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The people to manage the job that is big? Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper? Bryan and Sarah from Renovation Island? Nope. Meet Pat Stinson in addition to crew from Red River nationwide Wildlife Refuge.

The refuges headquarters along side its hiking and property tracks is located along Bossier Citys Arthur Ray Teague Parkway. But year that is late last the refuge finalized a 99-year lease using the City of Shreveport plus the State of Louisiana to handle the park renamed C.B. Dickson Unit included in the refuge.

Weve possessed a push on the previous year or two as far as wanting to achieve metropolitan audiences (within the seafood and wildlife solutions), said Stinson, whom manages the refuge. Were just right throughout the river, therefore in order to grow that on the other hand of this river is actually one thing we desired to do.

But much like any renovation, theres a great deal of work to especially be done on a bit of property which had perhaps not been mowed or maintained for quite a while. Nonetheless, some improvements that are small been already made, which permitted the fishing pier to reopen.

We washed up, utilizing the help of volunteers, the initial area whenever you pull in, Stinson said. That little, small parking great deal and also the fishing pier. Its been open since a few weeks after the lease was signed by us. Simply this past week ( very early March), we got in there and swept and got the dust and salvinia from the roadways that individuals could. Were gradually making progress.

That progress will result in a bit of nature that may supply a quiet getaway through the traffic that is nearby busyness of retail areas.

This partnership permits the park to be exposed when it comes to general public to take pleasure from activities that are outdoor as fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, bird viewing, nature photography and nature, said Shelly Ragle, director of Shreveport Public Assembly and Recreation. Most importantly, the park are going to be preserved with its natural state, hence protecting this asset that is valuable years into the future.


It is supposed to be genuine just like that which we have actually on the reverse side regarding the river, Stinson explained.

We could have some climbing tracks. There are several pavilions that are existing but we now havent had the oppertunity to assess, therefore I dont know what kind of form they have been in. There clearly was a watercraft ramp here and a fishing pier, and so the emphasis that is biggest would be on hiking whether you’re bird watching or hiking for workout. Then, having the ability to provide fishing yearround.

C.B. Dickson unit will be something of also a class room. The refuge plans on offering opportunities to know about what and who surrounds us.

Education, no matter what its about, is very important to everyone, Stinson stated Ever since Covid began, our visitation has grown very nearly 10-fold people seeking to get out of our home, get out of any office and simply recreate, Stinson stated. While folks are doing that, we wish to really have the possibility to teach them in regards to the environment in it. around them, and exactly how essential it is really not simply to us, but towards the critters that live

Unfortuitously, there are some other things residing in the system aside from the critters.

There are two primary invasive species here, Stinson stated. The one thats within the pond giant salvinia and Chinese tallow woods, which were here for the very long time. Were getnna get in there and clean those out. It shall probably look open more enjoy it did 30 years ago Swimming under the salvinia are a great amount of catch the catching.

Anything that one may get in the river will probably be inside, due to the fact river gets inside it, Stinson stated. All the game seafood, and what Sunnyvale escort service a lot of people would phone trash seafood. All of the fish that is common Northwest Louisiana will soon be in there.

And very early results show the fish are hungry. The individuals who are fishing are smiling, Stinson stated. I think theyve been doing well All the reports weve heard is the fact that fishing happens to be excellent.

Unlike on HGTV, the remodel of C.B.

Dickson unit shall just just take significantly more than half an hour or one hour.

I would hope by this time year that is next we might contain it fairly well washed up and launched the whole lot, Stinson stated. At least the trail infrastructure available to the general public enjoy it used to be. You may still find energy lines down that Im working together with SWEPCO to obtain up. Involving the hurricanes plus the ice storm and also the river flooding, it is simply taken awhile to have that done.

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