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It is vital to keep in mind that the ways utilized by Posnansky have been before carbon dioxide relationships

May 26, 2022

It is vital to keep in mind that the ways utilized by Posnansky have been before carbon dioxide relationships

Carbon dioxide relationships simply tells us the results from samples of all-natural product around the webpages, perhaps not well hello the latest rocks on their own

Carbon relationship is actually a measure of the age of something by the exactly how much of radioisotope carbon-fourteen remains in the examples of the space near to otherwise underneath a design. Carbon-fourteen has a half-life around 5700 decades, therefore the acknowledged doctrine is the fact that ages of things will likely be mentioned by how much carbon dioxide-14 stays on the examples. From this strategy, Posnansky’s concepts possess in essence become dumped by many of your twenty-first century scientific and you may archaeological groups. Put another way, carbon dioxide relationship testing indicate so it construction is not any more than 1500 yrs . old. If this is real, they towns and cities the time regarding the city’s habitation between 400 and you may 500 Offer for the city becoming quit in the 1000.

Even offered those people selection (and it’s really vital that you mention, that have pair written information, there’s much speculation throughout of the), that does not replace the undeniable fact that carbon matchmaking locations the construction of those spoils regarding not so distant prior

It could appear that whenever eg clinically obtained evidence, the fresh new conjecture away from Puma Punku getting a great pre-Neolithic memorial from inside the a local present just before humane human beings was paid permanently. You can still find, not, of several questions about these types of mystical spoils that can’t be wrapped upwards very perfectly. What was it for? How does it wind up as way too many most other huge stone formations you to don’t have any apparent manner of are established? Like with most of these megaliths, you will find a sign of one thing getting precisely set-to line with something. In case your earth is actually tilted differently, do we see Posnansky’s sight of one’s astronomy relationship? Recent news of the astrological zodiac are from on account of shifts throughout the Earth’s axis advise that high alignments transform throughout the span of big date. Can it be yet fetched one to many thousands of years before, these megaliths carry out match up to help you perfect dimensions?

He could be indeed ancient, but they are they prehistoric? Nothing of these evaluation and you can concepts have provided a definitive answer why the structure was made in the initial put. It’s been speculated your urban area are an effective seaport, but it is spot to regional River Titicaca seems to be as well high up to-be a practical stopping set. Although not, there are signs and symptoms of a good cataclysmic ton in the region such as for example since the geological changes and you can limestone sediments towards the items. How is it possible that real evidence of it build and you will their real age was in fact cleanse away in this ton? In fact, why does it feel the similarities from almost every other ancient monuments throughout the country? Most of these structures instance Stonehenge and you can Gobekli Tepe have started old through to the beginning regarding civilization, so there try parallels about structure. You may the town by itself was quit a long time before people today indigenous to the area turned up? As nice as it is for the choosing the age of any all-natural procedure, does it reveal the full address?

The fresh theories enrolled in by people that study the possibility of extraterrestrials have a tendency to offer the studies done by Teacher Posnansky, although modern technology has disregarded him or her. For those who faith, the newest tests done aren’t convincing enough, together with subject is still a question of gorgeous discussion certainly one of experts and you may laymen the same. Speculations include the framework being passionate from the a conviction into the extraterrestrials passed of years in order to extraterrestrials by themselves becoming accountable for the design. When looking at internet eg Puma Punku in the heavens, as well as the almost every other old structures throughout the world, here is apparently a common motif away from rounded designs and real factors. Precisely what do they suggest?

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