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Teach On Your Own Hausa. Hausa considered important tongues of Nigeria.

October 20, 2021

Teach On Your Own Hausa. Hausa considered important tongues of Nigeria.

Understanding how to Speak Hausa Language

Hello (“Sannu”). This fabulous website try designed for anybody contemplating studying and marketing the Hausa language, folks’s lifestyle and group. I am Sam Odiaka.

There are not lots of assets on finding out the Hausa speech on-line (that I was able to locate), therefore I chosen to placed some up myself personally.

It’s the primary lingua franca (“a channel of interaction between individuals of several dialects”) throughout Niger while the north two-thirds of Nigeria.

Present Hausa everyone originate from the Hausa Bakwai, the seven traditional reports of Biram, Daura, Gobir, Kano, Katsina, Rano and Zazzau (Zaria), which develop the nucleus of Kano, North middle and north-western countries of Nigeria as well as the portion of Niger Republic.

At the beginning of the nineteenth millennium, the Fulani of Sokoto integrated the governments of this Hausa Bakwai in to the Sokoto empire, the building blocks with the governmental entity understood over to 1966 like the Northern area for Nigeria.

The empire of Kanem Bornu empire, with the remainder of current North Eastern, Benue-Plateau and Kwara states, continued beyond the mainstream of Hausa and later Fulani influence.

Keep in mind that Gwari are a term however accustomed involve individuals who haltingly stammers on Pigeon Hausa (Bagwari ne). Whilst those foreigner whom talks fluid Hausa have been called “Ya iya Hausa kamar jakin Kano”, practically meaning, “he converse Hausa like a Kano donkey”.

Hausa happens to be commonly used as a lingua franca by Muslim communities far away West of Nigeria, e.g. Benin, Togo, and Ghana.

Hausa was talked by, around 22 million native speakers, plus an extra 17 million 2nd words audio speaker.

The biggest local communicating human population is north Nigeria, just where Hausa would be the native dialect associated with majority of the people and an encompassing lingua franca no matter what an audio speaker’s first speech.

In metropolitan areas outside primarily Islamic cities the zango usually function as the core of prepared Islamic strategies, such Koranic universities and web sites towards important Islamic celebrations.

This website is created that will help you really feel well informed about learning the Hausa lingo, quickly without spending few weeks, times or maybe ages learning brand new speech that you’re going to lose interest very fast! First and foremost its complimentary!

It is intended as Fun! Enjoyable! Glee and fun with friends, at times with colleagues at your workplace – “you coaching close friends about Hausa speech” with look on the look.

Teach your self Hausa page is developed to help you to understanding the Hausa speech immediately, that may help you feel well informed listening to your loved ones speaking Hausa and hears exactly what many people assert about yourself through the Hausa words. Whether they’re swearing or causing you within the language, you will need to currently KNOW.

That’s this web site suitable for?

Very well, any human body who wishes to have fun rapidly learning the Hausa words. In terms of myself, the web site owner, our mother is definitely an Hausa (properly Zangon Kataf in Tagama village) and my dad, an Igbo (Ogbeobi Unodu Ibolo-Oraifite).

By getting this site I had been hoping it could motivate my child and myself personally to grasp the Hausa vocabulary.

Furthermore aimed at people-born out back Hausa land, is your folks can converse Hausa and did not have the time to teach you the language or else you’re right now an European or African americans you are going to wants to realize your mother and father’ earliest lingo.

Look at this website as a basic moral with the foundations of Hausa dialect.

This amazing site contains ideas you need Right now, EASILY. The right GIFTS for that friends.

Should you decide liked looking through the items in our site please tell your buddies and the family members about this – for them to have a good time and. Think about an individual communicating Hausa for them? Weldone!


Website is developed that can help you chat simple phrase for the Hausa Language. Speaking “light hearted” Hausa text really face (yes! YOU) are actually smiling

That is this materials websites for: Amateurs which actually want to can chat Hausa quickly without a great deal of a hassle! It’s the many conveniently digestible web site materials previously composed about them.

Who happens to be this contents web page never for: cutting-edge Hausa presenters. This page suits a rookie readers in an open and pleasant strategy. In case you have previously understood the fundamentals, you will not want this web site articles.

These insidious Hausa may not be secure inside websites. So, for the time being; advocate by yourself Hausa, emphasis end up on the Kano say Hausa.

As the Hausa dude (not bbchausa) will talk about.. “Waiwaya maganin mantuwa” meaning. since great people are mentioning reality, most excellent customers should write upwards. Why don’t we as a region re-trace our personal tips on wherein factors started initially to go wrong.

Regardless of whether an individual inform your self swahili, igbo, hausa fulani or voa hausa. Truth must certanly be believed always.


The Bbc hausa (or BBC industry Assistance Hausa operating out of newcastle UK) supply bbchausa services on its intercontinental headlines site www.bbchausa utilizing Kananci (Kano dialect due to the fact traditional).

There are a number of gists/gossip and posts of the Hausa men and women, which today stay in north Nigeria, areas of Ghana, Niger and Togo which the BBC’s Hausa provider (bbc hausa com or bbchausa) broadcast to.

BIBISI Hausa coverage associated with the Africa cup states

The Bibisi hausa (radio bibisi) business program enjoys extensive coverage of this Africa cup regions from cluster phase towards definitive on 31 January.

The bibisi hausa web site hausa does have group information, information and accommodate report for video game and lively article comments within the beginning fit, semi-finals and definitive.

Bibisi hausa (or bbchausa) often observe the advancement off African groups like Nigeria’s Brilliant Eagles and making up ground with fans that have made the long-journey from western Africa while BBC Portuguese for Africa covers the match in all the service three daily broadcasts.

Wireless Deutsche Welle Hausa and Express of The Country Heed Online

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